A Week of Unschooling: Patient Pets and Other Adventures

Here’s what adventures we’ve been having this week, and what Nookie has been learning:

* Playing with her “water thing” (as she calls it).


* Reading lots and lots of books together, especially Disney’s Dumbo, The Cat in the Hat Comes Back and Disney’s The Aristocats.

* Watching lots of films, particularly Toy Story I and II. Also watching lots of Scooby Doo (as always).

* “Decorating” her bedroom with books (or throwing them in frustration – whichever you prefer).


* Going to a soft play centre with her friend Harry; learning more about sharing and how to hold a conversation with other children.


* Helping mummy to do the washing up and to change the bed sheets.

* Playing chase and fetch with the dogs.

* Playing doctor with (a very patient) dog.

Look at his worried little face. It says "help"!

Look at his worried little face. It says “help”!

Taking his temperature

Taking his temperature

Trying to bandage him

Trying to bandage him

* Going to the supermarket with mummy and helping to put items into the trolley and onto the conveyer belt.

* Making and decorating cupcakes together.


* Going to a play centre with our friend Tanya. Pretending the whack-a-frog (?) whacker is a microphone and singing into it.


* Singing lots of songs together and playing musical instruments, often in a marching band up and down the house.

* Climbing the step-ladder a lot.

* Playing on daddy’s wheelchair; wheeling herself around on it.

* Pretending monsters are chasing us and hiding under the bed covers.

* Playing with the cats; with a sock tied to some wool on a garden cane. (Cat fishing)


* Helping mummy to chop vegetables for dinner.


* Playing apps on my iPhone, especially a game where different animals repeat what you say to them in a funny voice.

* Going to a children’s museum together. Exploring all the exhibits and activities…

Playing with the doll's house

Playing with the doll’s house

Putting petrol in a car

Putting petrol in a car

Playing shops

Playing shops

Making things

Making things

Water play

Water play

* Talking about lots of different subjects. She’s starting to ask lots of questions, especially “what’s that”. We’ve even had a couple of “whys”. :)

* Playing with her Scooby Doo figures, Toy Story figures and dolls house every single day.


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4 responses to “A Week of Unschooling: Patient Pets and Other Adventures

  1. Wow, that’s a busy week. Oh to have the energy of a toddler!

  2. Woweee! you’ve been busy. Love that she cooks nude bless her, so cute :)

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