Neighbours, Part Two

After last weeks post about how we’re having some issues with our neighbours I didn’t really think things could get much worse. Apparently I was WAY wrong!

The day after I wrote the post we were informed by one of our few friendly neighbours that the woman across the street had been shouting and raving about one of our cats almost going into her house. (She has a dog so that would never happen!) She apparently said she was going to report us to the council (again). So of course a few days later we received yet another sternly worded letter from the council about our animals, warning us that we should follow our cats around to make sure they’re not defecating in anyone’s garden, and if they do then to pick it up. Because of course that is SO possible! And all the other people around here with cats (and dogs in some instances) do that. NOT!

Anyway, that’s by-the-by. On Tuesday I took Nookie to the dentist and when I got back Hedgehog informed me that the health visitor had been around… apparently one of our lovely neighbours had anonymously reported us to social fucking services for allowing Nookie to run around outside naked!!! I was LIVID! I have honestly never been so angry in my life. I immediately went to the woman’s house across the street and banged on her door. It’s one thing reporting us to the council for our pets; it’s something else entirely to fuck with someone when it comes to their kids! Luckily she wasn’t in, although at the time I was furious about the fact. Of course we have no evidence it was her, and it could well have been one of the other neighbours that apparently dislikes us, but she seems the most likely candidate.

Anyway, I was utterly panic-stricken and distraught until I phoned the health visitor and spoke to her myself. She reassured me that in her opinion we aren’t doing anything wrong, and that the neighbour is being ridiculous and wasting the time of social services. But she had to come out to see us anyway just so she could report back and have the case closed. (Thank fuck our health visitor is nice!)

So she came around today. I got up at 8am to clean. Our house has never been so clean! We even bought new curtains because our last lot were covered in cat hair. Ha ha. It was horrible having someone in our home to review us and ask lots of of questions about our parenting. Apparently the anonymous reporter had also alleged that Nookie had recently run out into the street and had nearly been hit by a car, and that I had shouted and swore at her as a result. That’s a blatant lie! Our street is a quiet cul-de-sac and she has run into the road more than once, and I’ve occasionally become irritated and shouted at her because of it, but she has NEVER nearly been run over! They had also commented on the fact that Nookie comes out with me to let the dogs out to do their business (and?), and that at least when she is dressed her clothes are clean and neat (how very kind of them!).

The health visitor again reassured us that she sees no issue, and agreed that it’s sad that we’re being watched like this. But she did have to ask all the obligatory questions about the way we parent, how Nookie got the scabs on her knees, whether she is being looked after properly, etc. It was infuriating. But then we all went outside to say goodbye and had a little chat in the street with Nookie fully dressed in her birthday suit… which I thought was quite nice, and the health visitor agreed.

So yeh… it’s been awful. I can’t imagine what would possess someone to not only waste social service’s time like that, but to have us looked into when we’re obviously such devoted parents! The amount of kids around this area that are constantly shouted and screamed at, hit, neglected and otherwise treated like shit… and we’re having social services called on us! It’s disgusting!

I did briefly entertain ideas of revenge against the bitch across the street… going out in the middle of the night and pulling up all her flowers, keying her car, etc… it made me feel better for a few moments. But I don’t want my mind polluted by such hatred and negativity. If she’s sad enough to get a kick out of making our lives miserable then that’s a shame for her. But we’ll go on living our lives with freedom and love.

And fucking move house as soon as possible!


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2 responses to “Neighbours, Part Two

  1. Michelle

    Hang in there!

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