I want to blog, but I never seem to have anything to say. Nothing is making me angry enough! Or rather, I never get the chance to watch the news so rarely see or hear anything irritating. My days lately mill along at a slow pace… I mostly spend my time playing with Nookie, doing housework or reading while she watches cartoons. My life is pretty boring at the minute I guess. I feel like I’m waiting… always waiting. Waiting for the warm weather so we can start to get outside again. Waiting for the days to get longer so we have more hours of daylight to do things. Waiting for my bank balance to recover a little after the combined offences of moving house and Christmas, so we can resume doing fun things. Nookie doesn’t often want to do things lately, so we’re spending a lot of time indoors watching TV and I start to get a bit cabin-feverish.

There are bright spots. Meeting friends. Making new ones. The odd fun thing Nookie and I have done together. We had a wonderful afternoon today at a soft play centre with some home-educating mum-friends and their children. I really love getting to know like-minded people who are raising their children mindfully and peacefully, even if I do only get to speak to them for minutes at a time before Nookie is calling me back to the climbing equipment!

So yeh, I’m feeling pretty uninspired. I need to get out and have experiences… find things to blog about. And yet my days are pretty much identical and I spend about 90% of my time indoors. Man I hate winter!

Nothing else to say I guess…

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  1. We should not allow blogging to be taken over by the work ethic. Good for you. I, on the other hand, need to read Twain’s “Mysterious Stranger” and write a 1,000 word post on it. Why? Because I wrote it in my calendar. It is like I had a job again.

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