Boy oh boy Nookie’s sleep habits are driving me crazy at the minute! She’s recently dropped her day-time nap (unless we go out somewhere and she falls to sleep in the car), and for the last three days she has been up from 10am until 11 or 12 at night. It’s just too much for me. By 11pm I’m starting to get very agitated, particularly when she’s bouncing around the bed as she was just a few minutes ago. Just now she’s still sitting up in bed watching Toy Story… I’ve had to walk away because I can’t do anything else but be angry with her. The amount of time I get to myself/Hedgehog and I get together is diminishing daily… I literally get an hour a day now if I want a decent amount of sleep! That’s my break… one hour in twenty four. It wouldn’t be so bad if she wasn’t so damned intense through the day and I could get a break, but she’s just as intense and demanding as always. I’ve spent about seven hours today playing with her, and about three hours watching TV with her (the rest of the time spent mainly cooking and sneaking in bits of housework here and there when she lets me). Every day I’m exhausted by evening time. And every night, despite my best efforts, she’s still wide awake and full of beans at nearly midnight!


Maybe the answer is to get her out every day and just try to wear her out! But I just can’t do that every day. She doesn’t want to play outside when it’s cold, and rarely wants to leave the house at the minute anyway. The other day I had to cancel a play-date at a soft play centre because she refused to leave the house, instead opting to stay in and watch films in bed.

I know, it’s just yet another challenge. One more thing I have to adjust to, and she’ll drag me kicking and screaming into this new change of routine.

Oh and here she is…

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2 responses to “Sleep

  1. Does anyone in the neighborhood have a trampoline? I am pretty sure that Pickles needs hard core sports, even more than we are giving her, to manage “normal” sleep. She’s not quite as extreme as Poppy, but I still feel like she probably would be sleeping more like everybody else’s kids seem to be if she got even more exercise. She jsut wants to run around outside all day long. Anyway, I can highly recommend a trampoline as a potentially easy (easier) way to get her tired out. I don’t know if you would have the space for that sort of thing in your ward or even if you could afford to buy one or if you have access to one that someone else owns, but potentially you could put her out in it and do something else while she jumped in the safety of the net. Either way GOOD LUCK! Thinking of you!

    • Ha ha. We got one a few weeks back. It lives in the living room in front of the TV and gets lots of use. :)
      She’s actually been sleeping wonderfully over the last week or so. She seems to have put herself into a bit of a routine and is getting up earlier and going to bed much much earlier. We had 8pm – 8am straight sleeps three days running the other day! Even on days when she’s had a nap she’s been asleep by midnight! It’s been heaven! I don’t know how long it’ll stay like this, but for now I’m enjoying the change! :)

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