Pregnancy: The (Dreaded) Third Trimester

29 weeks

29 weeks

That’s it. Had enough now!

I’m almost 30 weeks, I’m big and uncomfortable, my back always hurts, I’ve got chronic heartburn, and I’m constantly physically fatigued. My breasts are swollen and so sore the slightest touch is agony, and none of my bras fit properly any more. I can’t get comfortable in bed. Standing for any length of time is getting to be impossible.

I’ve had enough.

On the bright side, so far I haven’t suffered any of the more annoying side-effects of pregnancy I did with my last one (swollen feet and hands, constant itching on my feet, etc), possibly because I was clinically obese last time and this time I’m a healthy weight.

But, oh man… it’s hard work. And Nookie has chosen this period to be as difficult as humanly possible. Honestly, I don’t know what’s come over her lately. She’s like a different child again. She has massive screaming tantrums over the smallest things almost every day. She’s back to refusing to get into her car seat when we’re out, refusing to get her nappy changed, refusing to brush her teeth… basically at the moment she will argue that up is down and the sky is pink. She will not do anything I ask of her, and constantly asks unreasonable things of me. She’s driving me crazy! So many times today I’ve ended up screaming at her. I barely get anything done through the day because if we’re not sitting in bed watching films or playing computer games all hell breaks loose. She won’t have anything to do with Hedgehog most of the time and follows me from room to room. She barely sleeps… last night she had seven hours sleep and is still awake now at 10.30pm. I just don’t get a break. She’s relentless. And when I really, desperately need a break, like this morning, she just won’t leave my side. It’s incredibly difficult.

So I’m stressed. Boy am I stressed! I haven’t felt this stressed out in a long time. This morning I was shaking and breathless I felt so agitated. I did finally manage to get an hour to myself, after Hedgehog finally managed to convince Nookie to play with him, but I spent most of that time catching up on cleaning I haven’t been able to do for days because I’ve been so busy keeping Nookie from having a meltdown. I feel physically and emotionally exhausted.

Whose bright idea was this pregnancy anyway?!


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2 responses to “Pregnancy: The (Dreaded) Third Trimester

  1. That is tough! The third trimester is just never easy, huh? I’m 30 weeks, and everything seems to be falling apart. Hope you can get some rest soon — or at least, after the birth…. Ha, never mind.

    • Thanks Lauren. I’ve actually been following your pregnancy too, as we’re pretty much at the same point. It’s nice to see someone I can relate to going through the same sorts of things, although with your two children you must have it even tougher! Things are actually much better this week… last week was a hard one.
      I hope things are OK at your end too. :)

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