Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease 

About two and a half months ago Smushface got Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease. It’s a relatively mild illness in kids. She was unsettled for a few days with a considerable amount of crying. And then it passed. No big deal.

Then I caught it. And let me tell you… HFMD is no fun for adults! Nearly three months later and it is STILL affecting me! 

Apparently it’s fairly unusual for adults to catch it, but it’s usually worse for adults. Worse?! It’s bloody awful! Unfortunately though I struggled to find much info online about it, it’s so unusual. So I want to give a bit of info here to anyone out there looking for information. 

So first off I got the spots of course. Just one itchy dot on a hand to start with. Then more. And more. After a couple of days my hands and feet were covered. 


I also had cold-like symptoms for a few days. 

Nothing prepared me for what was to come. 

A day or two after the spots appeared my hands started to hurt like CRAZY. Honestly they felt like they’d been dipped in boiling water! I could barely touch anything. I had to take painkillers just to be able to function. My fingertips especially felt like they’d been burned off. I remember having to change Smushface’s nappy the morning they started to hurt and being on the verge of tears while I did it, it hurt so bad. 

And my mouth too felt like it was burned. It was very painful to have anything in my mouth. 

But the worst… my nipples. My nipples became blistered and sore. What on earth nipples have to do with HFMD is anyone’s guess but mine hurt like crazy. Breastfeeding was agony for about two weeks! They were covered in bleeding blisters. It was awful. 

Anyway, after a week or so the symptoms subsided and I started to feel normal again. I figured that was the end of it. Wrong!

Everywhere I’d had blisters I started to notice my skin was peeling. It got worse and worse. The skin on my hands, down the sides of my nails, on the soles of my feet… it all started blistering and peeling off in great lumps! And two months later it’s still happening. My hands are healed now but the soles of my feet, presumably because the skin is thicker, is still peeling in great chunks. 

But the worst. The WORST… my nails. Because the peeling didn’t stop at my regular skin. Oh no. About two weeks ago I discovered my nail beds were also blistering and peeling! To the point where a few of my nails are starting to separate from the skin underneath!

Anyone who knows me probably knows about my nail phobia. I have a phobia of damaging my nails. So this, right now, is totally messing with my head. I’m trying my utmost to avoid ripping the separating nails off! I keep painting layer after layer of polish on them to try to seal them, but as they grow longer the separation is getting worse. I caught one under a tray today and it separated from the skin just a little bit more. They are really, truly freaking me out!

So yeh, that’s Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease in adults. If your kids get this generally mild illness I advise you to try not to catch it at all costs!


6 thoughts on “Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease 

  1. Hi there! I have caught this horrid virus from my daughter who luckily doesn’t have the yucky aftermath of peeling skin to my extent. The skin on my feet is very thick so there’s such a vast difference in the new skin when the old skin peels in patches versus the remaining old skin still to fall off. Did you do anything to help the skin along to get it back to being smooth? The soles and heels of my feet look horrible with patches everywhere! Have you completely recovered now? I’m sure my nails will fall off soon too – no fun! Thanks for the post.

    • Hi!
      I have almost completely recovered. My nails are still dodgy – I keep having to clip the peeling bits from the underneath. They didn’t fall off thankfully! They separated and new nail is growing underneath. They’re almost grown out now so it’s becoming less of an issue. But I’ve almost ripped a couple off a few times as they’ve got caught on things.
      With my peeling feet I just cut away the hard bits that were separating from the new skin underneath. I’d sit with scissors and literally cut chunks off. It helped it along. But they’re back to normal again now and look perfectly fine. It’s just my nails that are still dodgy.

      • Hi! Thank you for your reply! That’s great to hear that the skin on your feet is back to normal now. I have been cutting away the hard bits that separated also – it looks like quite a sight! I can’t imagine my feet being back to normal at all. It’s rather patchy with old and new skin, especially where the old skin is rather thick!

        Sorry to hear that your nails are still not 100% but good to hear that it’s becoming less of an issue. Thank goodness they didn’t fall off for you!

        I can’t wait until there are no signs of this horrid virus anymore. You give me hope that there is an end to this … or close enough to an end 🙂 Thanks again for the information.

  2. hi… i encountered the same problem here… my main issue is my both nipples are damn painful… full of ulcers n very bloody… may i know how u handle it… n how long the sores go off… anything to apply?

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