What I Achieved Today

It’s one of those days where I feel like I’ve been chasing my own tail all day like some sort of demented dog, and never actually achieved anything. These sorts of days are getting increasingly frequent as Smushface gets older. The kids… they run me ragged! I don’t ever seem to pause for breath. Even as I write this I’m also trying to feed Smushface to sleep in the sling. And I know the second I go downstairs once I’m done Nookie will be on me to play with her some more. It’s never ending. 

But damn it I have achieved stuff today! Shut up little voice. You’re a yapping little cunt. Yes I know there’s a pile of laundry as tall as me in the hall that I didn’t get around to sorting today. Yes I know I forgot to make the appointment for Smushface’s vaccinations (after I forgot her original appointment) again! Yes I am slightly drunk. So fucking what?! Look…


I wrote out the shopping list I couldn’t do yesterday because I had to put Smushface back to bed SEVEN fucking times!!!

I found the paperwork we need to be able to take the poorly dog to the (charity) vet this week – buried under a load of shit in the spare room. 

I cooked pancakes for the kids (Nookie’s favourite breakfast) and then chased Smushface around trying to get her to actually eat rather than feed it to the dog!

I went food shopping to the market and supermarket with Smushface in tow

I took back the library books that were a month overdue and got some new ones I thought Nookie might like

I took some stuff to the charity shop that’s been sitting in the hall for months

I came home and put Smushface down for a nap, and while she napped played some x-box games with Nookie

I cooked dinner. The feta I used in the meal was off or something (it tasted like a horse!) so I had to throw it away and salvage something from the ingredients I had left over

I’ve changed about eight nappies today and changed Smushface’s clothes three times

I’ve spent about three hours in total today breastfeeding, usually whilst also doing something else

I helped Nookie play an Xbox game and played a few others with her (sonic, etc)

I read Smushface some books from the library 

Hedgehog and I talked about some financial stuff and made some important decisions (whilst also playing with the kids)

I found some new clothes for Nookie to look through on eBay 

And look, I blogged!

So screw you little voice! I’m not lazy. I’ve had a really hardcore day. Yes it might look like I’ve sat around all day doing bugger all, but you know, YOU KNOW I haven’t stopped all bloody day! I’m still feeding Smushface in the sling. She’s almost asleep enough to transfer. I’ve been standing here nearly half an hour. My feet and back are killing me. And in a minute I’m going to go downstairs and most likely play with Nookie for the rest of the night until it’s time for her to go to bed. Then I’ll make her a snack, read her bedtime stories and finally, at about 11.20pm, she’ll be asleep. I work from 7.30am until 11.20pm most days (and often through the night too) without a single break. 

So shut up little voice. Screw you!


5 thoughts on “What I Achieved Today

    • Screw you too.
      How fucking dare you? “Angry person”. You know nothing about me. This is a blog post telling the little voice in my head to shut up and give me a break, not moaning. I beat myself up for not achieving little things like housework because I spend all day taking care of my children. They are what matters and this is my reminder.

      Self righteous prick.

  1. You are amazing 🙂 mothers have a hard life sometimes and we should voice these things so new mothers do know. Love your blog

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