Parenting Two Kids


It’s one child being awake until 11.30pm and the other being up at 8am. 

It’s constantly having at least two conversations. 

It’s getting three people washed and dressed in the morning.

It’s constant battles over who gets to play with the toy child two only wants because they saw child one playing with it!

It’s being out on your own with them, having them run in opposite directions, and choosing which one to chase after. 

It’s “look at this mummy” a million times a day!

It’s not having a single moment to yourself ever!

It’s trying to shave your legs in the bath that contains two children as well as yourself 

It’s having to put things out of the reach of child two, then having to move them again so child one can reach them. 

It’s going upstairs to the toilet and being stuck up there for an hour because the toddler discovered toothpaste and your other child wondering where the hell you’ve gone!

It’s child two getting upset because child one is crying, so having a crying child snuggled into each arm. 

It’s cooking three different meals at least three times a day. 

It’s being torn apart inside because both children want your full attention all day long and neither is willing to compromise. 

It’s the feeling that you’ll never be enough, and someone is always being neglected. You are always neglected. 

It’s going into the kitchen to get a drink and three hours later remembering that you never got that drink because one child fell down and then the other needed help with something, and then something got spilled, and then someone knocked on the door…

It’s getting to the end of the day and feeling that if anyone else touches you you might scream. 

It’s sleeping wedged between the two of them, switching from side to side to snuggle each of them in turn as they wake up and need cuddles. 

It’s going to a play date and wondering why you bothered as you hardly get to say two words to your friends. 

It’s inhaling every meal at light speed before the toddler starts trashing the house because you’re distracted for five minutes. 

It’s carrying the toddler, the laptop, changing bag, two teddies, a blanket and your phone out to the car with you in one go. 

It’s scribbles on the walls, spilled drinks all over the carpets, food crushed into every crevice and chocolate fingerprints EVERYWHERE. 

It’s no break. No let up. No day off. 


It’s awesome. I wouldn’t change a single minute!

Going Veggie


In other news, I’ve stopped eating meat. It’s something I’ve been thinking about and transitioning towards for a long time, but last week I finally made a decision. I just can’t live with the idea of eating meat anymore. It seems so wrong.

I’m also gradually moving towards a vegan diet, though this is a little scary for me and is taking a lot more thought and time. Not eating meat is simple. Not eating dairy or eggs is another matter entirely! It’s not something I can bring myself to do in a short period, but it is something I can do gradually. A vegan friend of mine made the good point that every time I choose non-dairy/eggs instead of dairy/eggs is a positive choice. And when I think of it that way it isn’t so overwhelming.

So we’ll see. It’s a work in progress.

Goodbye Friend


We had to have our dog Viktor put to sleep yesterday. He’d been refusing food and losing weight for a while. And then we noticed him sleeping much more and becoming weaker. Hedgehog took him to the vet last week for some tests and yesterday the vet told him he had kidney failure. He reckoned he only had a few days left, so Hedgehog made the hard decision to do the kindest thing for him. 

It was hard. We’d had him for about seven years. He was a big, lovable dufus. So friendly. So patient. So calm. Clumsy and stoopid and in the way all the time. 

Nookie was beside herself. She’s just at the age of really understanding what death means. I’d explained before he went to the vet what might happen, but I don’t think she really understood until he’d gone. 

And of course Arfur is just distraught. He’s done nothing but mooch around looking sad, snuggling up to us at every opportunity. He keeps looking at his bed like he expects Viktor to be there. He won’t eat. He misses his brother so much. 

We all do. I had a love/hate relationship with Viktor. He was a pain. He regularly walked shit into the house. He was so awkward with food. He drove me crazy! But he was also sweet and lovable. He would let the kids do anything to him and never complained. He was a gentle giant. 

People say losing a dog is like losing a member of the family. I never really understood that until now. But then I look over at the dog bed and expect to see him laying there, half sprawled into the middle of the room and I know what they mean. 

Goodbye big fella.