Goodbye Friend

We had to have our dog Viktor put to sleep yesterday. He’d been refusing food and losing weight for a while. And then we noticed him sleeping much more and becoming weaker. Hedgehog took him to the vet last week for some tests and yesterday the vet told him he had kidney failure. He reckoned he only had a few days left, so Hedgehog made the hard decision to do the kindest thing for him. 

It was hard. We’d had him for about seven years. He was a big, lovable dufus. So friendly. So patient. So calm. Clumsy and stoopid and in the way all the time. 

Nookie was beside herself. She’s just at the age of really understanding what death means. I’d explained before he went to the vet what might happen, but I don’t think she really understood until he’d gone. 

And of course Arfur is just distraught. He’s done nothing but mooch around looking sad, snuggling up to us at every opportunity. He keeps looking at his bed like he expects Viktor to be there. He won’t eat. He misses his brother so much. 

We all do. I had a love/hate relationship with Viktor. He was a pain. He regularly walked shit into the house. He was so awkward with food. He drove me crazy! But he was also sweet and lovable. He would let the kids do anything to him and never complained. He was a gentle giant. 

People say losing a dog is like losing a member of the family. I never really understood that until now. But then I look over at the dog bed and expect to see him laying there, half sprawled into the middle of the room and I know what they mean. 

Goodbye big fella. 



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