Parenting Two Kids

It’s one child being awake until 11.30pm and the other being up at 8am. 

It’s constantly having at least two conversations. 

It’s getting three people washed and dressed in the morning.

It’s constant battles over who gets to play with the toy child two only wants because they saw child one playing with it!

It’s being out on your own with them, having them run in opposite directions, and choosing which one to chase after. 

It’s “look at this mummy” a million times a day!

It’s not having a single moment to yourself ever!

It’s trying to shave your legs in the bath that contains two children as well as yourself 

It’s having to put things out of the reach of child two, then having to move them again so child one can reach them. 

It’s going upstairs to the toilet and being stuck up there for an hour because the toddler discovered toothpaste and your other child wondering where the hell you’ve gone!

It’s child two getting upset because child one is crying, so having a crying child snuggled into each arm. 

It’s cooking three different meals at least three times a day. 

It’s being torn apart inside because both children want your full attention all day long and neither is willing to compromise. 

It’s the feeling that you’ll never be enough, and someone is always being neglected. You are always neglected. 

It’s going into the kitchen to get a drink and three hours later remembering that you never got that drink because one child fell down and then the other needed help with something, and then something got spilled, and then someone knocked on the door…

It’s getting to the end of the day and feeling that if anyone else touches you you might scream. 

It’s sleeping wedged between the two of them, switching from side to side to snuggle each of them in turn as they wake up and need cuddles. 

It’s going to a play date and wondering why you bothered as you hardly get to say two words to your friends. 

It’s inhaling every meal at light speed before the toddler starts trashing the house because you’re distracted for five minutes. 

It’s carrying the toddler, the laptop, changing bag, two teddies, a blanket and your phone out to the car with you in one go. 

It’s scribbles on the walls, spilled drinks all over the carpets, food crushed into every crevice and chocolate fingerprints EVERYWHERE. 

It’s no break. No let up. No day off. 


It’s awesome. I wouldn’t change a single minute!


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